Our Story


Room 1985 is a band based in Manchester Uk with a past (and present) experiences in the rock scene (progressive metal, rock..) electronic productions and touring.

Room 1985 are:


Sam Stone - Vocals, bass guitar
Chris Crysand - guitars
, synths
John Hulse - Drums, electronic drums and programming

The Manchester-Uk based band driving you post-rock electronic sounds combined with a stunning psychedelic atmosphere. 

What happens when the psychedelic atmosphere of the Pink Floyd 70's era meets the vibes of the 80's all mixed with modern electronic sounds and techniques with a whisper of Post Rock? Room 1985 is the result and the Manchester based duo is ready to take your hand, your soul, your brain and your heart in a journey of deep emotions.
Room 1985 11-tracks selftitled debut's album plus 4 extra songs and a 4 Ep as a bonus has been released this July and the band is already touring, succesfully, throughout UK supporting also music legends like Das Ich and more.